Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

I read a post today on a fairly major, local blog. It was a styling post and boy was it boring! I can’t believe it was worthy of a post – and I can’t believe I read it, at that.

Basically it read like this: Person has old 1980’s kitchen. It’s brown. Too brown. Person goes to trendy flat pack shop, buys new ‘neutral’ kitchen in order to make house more saleable. Installs new kitchen. Now has new kitchen.

I hate to be all negative and what not, but really. Is this kind of subject matter worthy of our incredibly intelligent brains?

Is reducing everything to a 2D image to stick on the www worthy of our four dimensional beings?

Is ‘neutrality’ really how we want to be living in our day-to-day spaces?

Also, to point out the obvious: buying something new is not styling, it is just buying something.

Again, I don’t want to be negative, but I do think this is worth thinking about!

What are we reducing ourselves to in meeting the demands of this 2D place (that is this place where I’m writing from – the place of the flat screen)? What are we occupying our minds with?

These thoughts are occupying many better minds than my own these days, but we all should be thinking about them because they affect all of us.

I read over a list of the 20 most influential Australian instagrammers. They were ALL “fashion bloggers”, “lifestyle bloggers” or “travel bloggers” with one representative of the “fitness blogger” variety.

Ok, this is fine, but it clearly shows how the particular medium of Instagram is designed to skew representation from just a few categories of activity. Those who look nice and can take pretty pictures and do not occupy too much thought space are the winners.


There’s probably a lot of innate wiring going on there. We’re made to prefer beauty. We seem to like to flock together (what others like we are more likely to profess liking). We don’t have too much time to give to other’s thoughts. There are A LOT of thoughts and images out there. Not much time + flocking together + liking pretty things = fairly bland, prolific, ‘pretty’, web based media.

Again, all of this is FINE, BUT. I reckon we’ve got to watch it. There’s a more incredible variance in humanity than: fashion, lifestyle, travel.

Where are we making space for the rest of it?