Making things

I’ve bathed the baby four times today and it’s only 11am. My achievements today, like every other day, include making food for every body in the house except me, eating a quarter of a cake straight from the fridge, walking the kids to school, drinking three cups of cold tea, making one paper aeroplane with my son and cleaning two poos off the floor.

So I decided to have a break from all that and take photos of things I’ve made. You know, for the mental health.

I’ve been digging crochet lately. I always come back to it. Its rhythmic strokes induce a kind of meditative state that makes me feel like I’m ok. I’ve been getting bigger, making a light shade for the children’s salt lamp which we use as a night light. I then made another one to cover a vase, because the vase was not pretty enough, all clear and glassy like. I’m not sure about the yellow at the top. I love the texture of this raw, hand-spun wool, but the colour is not quite right. I’ll probably re-do that bit.

Here are a couple of bud vases I made at a brief pottery class last Summer holidays. I’m in the throes of another pottery class, which I am totally loving. I’ve been wanting to do a pottery class since we moved back to Canberra, but then I fell pregnant – which rendered me useless, and then juggling a newborn with hobby classes just didn’t seem very smart for anyone involved. It’s only just passable now.


I fell in love with bud vases after seeing Cecile Daladier’s work. I love their perfect, little, organic forms. I am challenging myself to make a ‘perfect’ mug. I’ve got a slight mug obsession and I’m always looking out for the most perfectly formed and sized mug, they never seem to hit the right spot though, so I’ll have to conceptualise this sense and somehow make it work myself. This could be the sole reason that I am doing a pottery class. That and bud vases, because the kids are forever picking flowers for me that have very insubstantial stems. Out of necessity invention is born.

And here is a tantalising photo of Henry’s back yard “hangar” complete with solar panels and a grow wall, which, come Summer will be bursting with verdant greenery. For sure. You could live in that thing.