Making things

I am currently in the throes of a pottery class, which I am totally loving. I’ve been wanting to do a pottery class since we moved back to Canberra, but then I fell pregnant – which rendered me useless, and juggling a newborn with hobby classes just didn’t seem very smart for anyone involved. It’s only just passable now.

The following artifacts, however, were made last Summer when I joined my children in a brief pottery class at the same place. Canberra Potters is one of Canberra’s little hidden treasures. Part of what I love about them is their relaxed, almost self-organising nature. While safety is observed, as it must be, there is a strong sense of community participation alongside freedom (“make whatever you want!”). Students participate in cleaning up the facilities following use in order to keep things flowing between the groups using the classrooms. They are shown how to use the facilities to participate in the ongoing life of Canberra Potters. The courtyard and tearoom are available during class, students are invited to take a break during the classes if they so wish. Within the constraints of a small class there is much scope for working at your own pace as the cathartic nature of working with clay and with one’s own hands is recognised and each potter I have encountered there has a love for the medium which they are enthusiastic to pass on.

In a day and age overwhelmed with digital noise perhaps clay has never been more important!


I fell in love with bud vases after seeing Cecile Daladier’s work. I love their perfect, little, organic forms. I am challenging myself to make a ‘perfect’ mug. I’ve got a slight mug obsession and I’m always looking out for the most perfectly formed and sized mug, they never seem to hit the right spot though, so I’ll have to conceptualise this sense and somehow make it work myself. This could be the sole reason that I am doing a pottery class. That and bud vases, because the kids are forever picking flowers for me that have very insubstantial stems. Out of necessity invention is born.