Photography Basics Workshop

As many good things do, I began running these workshops entirely unexpectedly! Friends asked me to run one…many unconnected friends…and I realised there was a need! “Well, if people want it and I can provide it, why not do it!” So, it kind of just…happened.

Now I’m rolling with it and it’s rolling well with me. I really LOVE teaching this course! And while I will continually refine it, I really can recommend it as a step up into your own photography. It’s relaxed, we work through our cameras step by step, we start taking photos and, hopefully, by the end you’ve got a kick start in your photography endeavours.

I also have several ‘interested persons’ on an informal kind of waiting list, so if you’d like to be contacted when I run a third course then please let me know so that I can contact you directly and you won’t have to miss out (there are no obligations of course).

Here are some pics from the course I ran a couple of weekends ago, some by me, some by the participants.