Vish & Mukta

Mukta & Vish’s photo shoot was done over two sessions. We did a portrait session at a beautiful public park in Young and then I was invited to photograph their housewarming ceremony on a morning a few days later. I had a lot of fun with these guys. They laughed at my non-jokes and played along nicely, I even managed to get a few of them into the fairly dry creek bed!

The housewarming was incredible. I am fascinated by other cultures. The Hindu culture is one I find particularly alluring. It is an old culture and has absorbed so many streams of thought over the centuries. I did a little study into religions through my uni degree and the fluidity of the Hindu ways extremely interesting to me. The Hindi word dharma, loosely ‘religion’, encompasses a broad understanding of ways and practices and the range within what we call Hinduism is extensive, so I don’t feel I can do it justice, simply take it as it is and be enthralled by it!

One of the beautiful things of Hinduism, and perhaps Indian tradition, is it’s celebration of life! The joy, the colour, the sound, the physical nature of their rituals and ceremonies, the way their traditions involve the whole family, I loved how during this celebration…which I think was all in Sanskrit? (so I didn’t understand a word!)…the children made noise, people were busy in the kitchen right next to the ceremony area, and everyone came and went either as they pleased or as the ceremony demanded it….I couldn’t have been sure. It just seemed like a lot of fun with everyone getting into it! Through it all the Priest just kept going and I kept on clicking away. What. A. Treat. I love that photography gets me into other people’s worlds like this!!