Building a Chicken Coop

In order to manage a little procrastination on our bus we have filled our time with lovely home projects. One day Henry picked up the tools, found some wood and managed to build for less than $10 a chicken coop which is quite cosy, well insulated and ventilated, easy to clean and barely portable.

Our neighbour, who is very friendly (everyone seems to know eachother on this street, and there are some characters…including us perhaps…but they are all quite lovely), had a connection who had a few henpecked chickens which needed a new home and so we adopted these. They are a little flighty, but not aggressive, this could have something to do with their breed, the Anacona.

Our friends in Canberra also passed on two little bantams, who are just the sweetest and cutest and very friendly with the tiniest of “crawcks” and a Chinese Fighting Bird which sounded very exotic and dangerous to me, but turns out it’s just a tough little chook with great thighs, a meaty little thing (but not for meat just yet, we’ll see how we go with that one!).

I don’t really have an instructional post here, but our coop may give you some ideas.

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