Blogging. Why Blog?

I’ve had a couple of people ask why blog, isnt it just like keeping a journal? And if it is like keeping a journal, surely it’s better to just keep a journal and have all this stuff private?

True and true.

I’m not sure why I started blogging. I just really wanted to blog. I really wanted to blog for years before I actually did blog. Now I have had 3 blogs all up and blogged for about four years. This has been my main one. I don’t make money. In the blogging world my blog is teeny tiny. I do it mostly for myself and I get a buzz when like minded people connect with me (there have been a few of those over the years).

I love the pressure to write well…or at least write a little better than my sloppy, emotional journal writing tends to be.

I love to share the things I am passionate about. I also find blogging about these things allows me to back off of my hobby horse in real life a little bit. It’s already out there so I don’t need to bark about it so much (I notice this when I haven’t been blogging for a little while!).

I am slightly concerned about anonymity etc. I’m not sure what to do about this. I’m backing off having the personal photos online, but at the same time there are some absolutely beautiful people online who share – guts and all – everything! Photos galore, they have huge followings and say the community is 99.9% fabulous.

There are lots of mummies online and I was/am one of those. I found that blogging absolutely saved me when I was in the middle of the baby brain blues. It was my outlet, my chance to have some adult thoughts. It may die off as life changes a little, and that’s okay.

The internet is a virtual neighbourhood. People come and go. And what a neighbourhood, hey! You might as well be in the defining feature of our age, the great WWW!

I’ve found my blogging change to focus on what I am actually passionate about, in fact I think I found what I was passionate about through blogging, things like the environment, beautiful photos, real life, philosophy, sustainability, backyard farming, health, healthy eating, naturopathy, the DIY movement (but with a sustainable edge – please!), repatching, rehashing, remaking and fixing.

Blogging has been a fantastic tool for sorting out my interests, it does take a little time, it has helped me be consistent with taking lots of photos all of the time of my family and our life, and we all know that if you don’t have a photo of it then it hasn’t really happened. And I love that I have recorded part of our lives through the years.

Blogging can be a great thing, there’s lots of positivity online and there are great movements (such as the slow food movement) which are gaining momentum and a sense of community through online platforms.

I’m grateful that I’ve been able to do this if even for a small section of my life. I love to find great, new blogs that are along similar lines to mine. Do share if you’re getting one going!

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