The bees, the business and the bus.

Hello! Hello!

I’m still here, just so you know.

Been busy as a bee buzzing, speaking of which I was getting very worried as I hadn’t seen their furry faces around our garden much all Spring and then suddenly last week the large acacia tree in our backyard sprung into a glory of pink blossoms and their comforting buzzing sound descended on our garden.

Do you know that they are in danger – worldwide? Three causes: 1) differences in climate: our climate is changing rapidly worldwide. Shifts are occurring everywhere. Wild weather increases. The drought really knocked our bees around in Australia over the last several years. 2) The Varroa Destructor Mite. Sounds ominous, like something Dark Vader would have come up with. Well, turns out he did. This thing is deadly to the bees. It has basically eradicated the European Honeybee from America. The only way to control it is through chemical means, I’m guessing the bees aren’t too happy about that. Finally 3) Neonicotinoid pesticides. I’ve only learned about this one recently, but all the bee fans are talking about it. Basically – watch what chemicals you put in your garden!)

Some people scoff at this kind of thing. I say to you: If you are living on this earth then you have a responsibility to look after it. That’s all.

So…lately we went to the Living Green Festival at Albert Hall in Canberra, raising questions of population and veganism. I’ll review that (loosely) soon.

Henry built a chicken coop and, yes, I did take some photos and I will go through these with you soon too.

We are gardening like crazy (and loving it even more crazy!). I’ll take some pics and run through these too. Henry is a bit of a gardening wiz, turns out (actually I already knew that), except that I have to defend all of my flowering (“useless”) plants.

I am loving life here in Young. I’ve landed on my feet, even though we’ve sunk a lot of time and money into our bus project and were getting a little burnt out, but all is well and if we are content and doing well then I am happy to take it as it comes.


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