Wild and Free Kids

I am an advocate of children running wild and free through nature (it’s the hippie in me – thanks for that gene, mum!) and I love to watch my kids doing that too. I’m pretty happy that we managed to find this tangle of trees and plants just a hop, skip and jump away from our own home and the kids and I love to go and hang out there.

I’ve done this every year, take my children to do a photo shoot. As a mum it’s fantastic to do this, I am able to see and appreciate their incredibly fast growth year by year, sometimes us mums can miss this happening before our very eyes! And as a photographer I love to do this too. I can take as much time as I want, control the conditions (choose the day, timing and clothing…that’s as far as I can go actually!) and experiment (my kids are pretty patient with the posing!).

Here are the results. Such a privilege to watch children explore and create in their own worlds, they have such amazingly creative brains when they are young. Get your kids outside! Find a place to get muddy! I recommend it!