Luke & Kersti #1

It’s taken me a little while to post these. This day I was really thrilled and also super disappointed. You’ll see why.

We were invited to Henry’s past flatmate’s engagement party. We hadn’t met Kersti, but by all accounts she was pretty swell so we were really glad to be going. The band was going to play and they all had to get well before 6.30pm or something. Henry was working that day and I arrived with the kids to pick him up at 4.30pm…but the gig dragged on…and on. This is fairly typical for the entertainment industry.

Henry’s band mate called him to hassle him about getting there…uuh, not gonna happen, sorry. I can’t remember what time we were finally on the road but at about 6.30pm we got a text: “It’s a surprise wedding! Hurry!” Or something along those lines. Henry and I spent the next ten minutes cursing the gods of late gigs and disorganisation until we arrived at one of the most amazing houses we’ve ever been in, built from scratch many years ago, in the hills around Canberra, which are a mostly undiscovered treasure.

Despite the fact that we missed the wedding! (Mega disappointment) we partied on and were the last to leave. It kind of blew my mind, the number of people there who I hadn’t seen for too, too long. I madly tried to catch up with everyone and meanwhile took a few snaps. I also dragged bride and groom aside and took some photos on the jetty. (Thanks for obliging me you guys!)

Super photogenic people + beautiful setting, you can’t really go wrong, can you?

Stay tuned because I’ll be doing a photoshoot with these guys soon. I can’t wait!


Wild and Free Kids

I am an advocate of children running wild and free through nature (it’s the hippie in me – thanks for that gene, mum!) and I love to watch my kids doing that too. I’m pretty happy that we managed to find this tangle of trees and plants just a hop, skip and jump away from our own home and the kids and I love to go and hang out there.

I’ve done this every year, take my children to do a photo shoot. As a mum it’s fantastic to do this, I am able to see and appreciate their incredibly fast growth year by year, sometimes us mums can miss this happening before our very eyes! And as a photographer I love to do this too. I can take as much time as I want, control the conditions (choose the day, timing and clothing…that’s as far as I can go actually!) and experiment (my kids are pretty patient with the posing!).

Here are the results. Such a privilege to watch children explore and create in their own worlds, they have such amazingly creative brains when they are young. Get your kids outside! Find a place to get muddy! I recommend it!