In the Garden #1

Here we are beginning a garden again at the beginning of ‘the growing season’ (generally assumed to be Spring into Summer/Autumn, though in Australia it is only the very attentive gardener who is lucky enough to have plants survive through our Summers!)

And when I say ‘we’ so generously I actually mean Henry and his helpful slaves children (they actually love it!)

gardening (1 of 3) gardening (2 of 3)

Henry’s strength, or should I say ONE of Henry’s MANY strengths is his focus on p.r.e.p.a.r.a.t.i.o.n. and so he spent the money on (composted) manure, seed raising mix and some kind of dirt brick which swelled up into several times its volume and filled a kid sized swimming pool. If preparation is his strength, gadgets are his weakness. He likes to have ‘the right tool for the job’ and so he also found these little hard little pellets (about the size of a tea light candle) which, when watered, swelled up and tripled in height, the now loose dirt is contained in a gauze like sock. The idea is to place one seed into each pellet and once sprouted simply pop the little capsule into the dirt and the roots will break out of the gauze skin as they grow outwards.

Part of Henry’s extensive preparation has been to dig manure into any available plots of dirt and dig down down down to give the plants all important drainage and room for growing roots.

We also, together, discussed appropriate places for our veges to grow (important for me to be involved in as I can defend the need for flowering shrubs and existing ‘useless’ plants to remain where they are and not be chopped down or dug up!) and planned the grouping of various veges.

Seed packets Companion Plantinggardening (3 of 3) So we have established our groupings:

Corn, beans, cucumbers with nasturtium and marigold bordering.

Sunflowers, peas, cucumbers and dwarf tomatoes (Beans do not like sunflowers we are told)

Carrots and radishes in rows of their own on the North end of the patch of corn so as to receive our Southern Hemisphere sunlight.

Tomatoes along a fence.

Beans along another fence

Zucchini in mini-plots (basically their own little patches of turned and composted soil in an unused corner of the yard)

Herbs scattered amongst all and in their own pots too.

My strawberry plants, which I have dutifully transported to several dwellings are currently homeless – I think I will just have to squeeze them in after Henry is done.

As we are renting we are also planning on buying a few big pots to grow more veges in our front yard which is North facing and so prime vege position!




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