Building the Bus – July

So, just fyi, I have decided to keep the focus of this blog what I originally intended and that is: the bus (and also occasional family trips), but you won’t get too much ‘mummy blogging’ or ranting about my inner-life or my ideals anymore (unless it’s sustainability and ‘living small’ which is somewhat connected to our bus project), but hopefully the information will be practical rather than theoretical!

To that end, here are the latest series of bus photos, which are a little old, actually, maybe a month now (we are busy moving house). I will post more up-to-date ones very soon.

Bedford bus sanding

Filling these walls with insulation has been tedious, but we are hoping it will be well worth it!Bedford bus insulation

Henry is here working on a bespoke window frame. Marine ply, glue, screws and bog. Getting it ready for the router. Once the Alucobond is glued into place, using Sikaflex 252, it will be carefully routed along the window edge, so that edge must be super smooth.Bedford Bus insulation Bus work Bedford bus interior

This photos is exciting to me because you can see a finishing touch! The wood frame around the hatch. This needs to go in before the last sheet of aluminium (from Ullrich Aluminium in Canberra, can’t remember the thickness – I’ll find out!) goes on the roof. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to tell, the aluminium panel in the middle, just in front of the door, ended up being a little wobbly. Henry is pretty disappointed about it, I can tell you! His vision is for a smooth roof, no joins or even rivets in sight, just smooth and white. We are hoping that a flat white paint will hide the ridges (which are minor, but the light does reflect off of them, making them seem more wavy than they are).

To fill you in on more of the vision, LED strip lighting will hide behind pelmets on either side of the bus, reflecting off of the white roof, but completely hidden from sight themselves. We’ve tested it out and it is (going to be) beautiful!

In the next set of photos you will see that right hand side wall on, shower taps installed and a bed well on its way to being built (maybe even finished, fingers crossed!)

We also installed the last of the solar panels, Henry ummed and ahhed about bolting them through the roof, but wanting to avoid any potential for water damage we simply glued (Marine grade Sikaflex) the supports (which he made) for the panels to the roof, which we then bolted the solar panels to. He also constructed a mechanism to adjust their angle so that we can catch as much sun as possible. The wiring is also going through.

Funny, but the wiring and plumbing is what makes me feel like this shell of a bus is actually turning into a livable, self-contained home!


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