Winter Wedding at Gold Creek Station

Oh. I had the greatest time shooting Rob & Amelia’s wedding last month. They were both so relaxed and welcoming…and gorgeous…that it made my job just so much the easier.

I also was so thrilled to shoot a winter wedding. Why aren’t there more winter weddings in Aus? Our winters are so mild and our summers so hot you would think the usual wedding season trend would be reversed. Rob & Amelia got the most brilliant day for their wedding, with that bright, bold winter sun hanging low in the sky. Wonderful!

After the whirl of the ceremony, greeting guests and family photos, when we were able to settle in at Gold Creek Station for their photo shoot just before the sun went down, I was struck by how easily they just slipped into chatting together, from the get go it was just chat chat chat the whole time, it was clear they were great friends. It was lovely and obvious to me how well they sat with each other and how much they liked to be together. Being in the presence of a couple like that is a wonderful blessing. What a treat. Sadly we ran out of light pretty quickly, though maybe they were happy about that, I could’ve had them running around for all my shots til nightfall…well…I did, actually.

Thank you, Rob & Amelia, for allowing me to photograph your day, it was a wonderful privilege.

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