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I saw a trailer for a movie about bloggers and…I’ve become a little blase about it all.

One thing the husband and I have been talking about (over the last several years – it’s been an ongoing and continually developing conversation) has been the quality of our lives on this earth. In a world where noise is everywhere, where the number of people currently making their lives here on this earth is growing, where addictive consumerism is everywhere, where mind numbing, brain dulling tools are numerous and at the tips of everyone’s fingertips (tv’s, phones, the internet, addictive computer games, food-food-food, fashion) what is it that we want our lives to count for?

The run through of most of these bloggers proved they were mostly women who blogged about ‘fashion, food, kids, craft’ and all of them, all of us I should say as…I blog…are contributing to the noise that exists on this wonderful world wide web, which is one of the final bastions of freedom, where, unlike the struggle of buying a house you can acquire a ‘page’, an online home, for free! Expression is relatively unfettered and it is a place where ideals seem real and attainable due mostly to the magic of photography, a medium which thrives within the four walls of a computer screen.

The thing is that I don’t know if I want to be contributing to this noise.

One reason I dropped craft oh so many moons ago is that I just couldn’t stand the thought of churning out thing after thing, maybe buying completely unnecessary bits and bobs from el cheapo craft stores in order to fulfill some fantastical ideal of being the mummy that makes things. How could I utilise junk to create more junk all for the sake of crafting for the sake of crafting. No. It’s not good enough. The days of sitting down to make a doily or paint dipped cutlery or adding ‘pops’ of colour to the back of a kitchen cabinet or sequining up a frock, these days are over for me simply because I am much more environmentally conscious than I was and I am sick of the treadmill of consumerism, which crafting can be a subtle cousin of.

Not that I am against making things, but my position is more: QUALITY

In a world where there are billions of people we need to forget about achieving simply many things in our small, short lives, need to stop rushing so much, need to back off the attainment of many things and instead seek to acquire very well made items which will last many many years. There needs to be fewer things of greater quality.

Working on our bus-home has been influencing me this way. I realise so strongly that I would rather our bus be completely beautiful and very strongly built and be a joy to live in for the next several years, even if it takes us a year or two longer to build than we thought. Later, I would rather build just one very good dwelling place (and a small one, not a waste-of-ground-space-mansion) instead of buy my way through several badly built excuses for houses. If I wrote books I would rather write just one worthwhile work than several money-spinners. If I were an artist I would rather paint (or insert medium) five masterpieces than churn out many works or unextraordinary forgettable nonsense. If I were in the business way I would want to build just one small, caring, high quality business without any thought for ‘taking over the world’ for fear the quality of it would be compromised. Think chain stores vs a local cafe.

You see where I’m going with this.

As a people we can’t afford to waste any more. The other 6 999 999 999 people deserve for my life to be one of quality not quantity, just adding to the noise, the chaos, the insipid waste of it all, this planet which is groaning under the weight of our garbage also deserves better.

And so, because I blog, instead of blogging up billions I have to stick by my values and refuse to contribute to the noise of all those mummy/fashion/food/craft/lifestyle blogs out there and instead stick to something which could be of more value. The idea is: less noise, more depth.

The 15 months we’ve spent in Young simply building are coming to an end. We are still going to be building, but we are just juggling things around a bit so that we can have a better quality of life while we (slowly) build. While this is happening and while I am beginning to invest in my photography business, and while I am studying, this blog is going to receive a bit of an overhaul as well. I’m not dropping it but I’m going to focus things so that they reflect some of these values which I’ve just mentioned.

I’m inspired by such blogs as Aurajoon and mnmlist, and my wish is to approach blogging without such a frenzy to post frequently or meaninglessly, to generate hits or cash or anything like that. When such things become the focus the things that really matter suffer.

Don’t worry. I’ll keep you in the loop.


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