Model Child

My sister Hannah is a Textile Artist in her final year of Art School. Her latest project was designing a range of children’s wear which she needed Sophia and my nephew, Zebulon, to model for her. On Sunday morning we were at the ANU Art School with the kids where they did a stellar effort and modeled about 15 outfits between them.

Hannah’s clothes were just amazing, absolutely designer children’s wear, not the kind of thing my kids wear every day. Sophia went from her usual scruffy self into glamour girl in minutes.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots.


May Morning

May Mornings blow the air off the snow around about and bring the first, promising, chill of Winter.

I am thrilled.

A day begun well enough, with porridge and foggy windows which revealed hidden handprints and sifted the light through our bamboo forest. The kids often paint in their books in the morning and this morning practiced their target practice with the bamboo bows and arrows I made them. They actually work, but they will not last long, still totally renewable and not a milligram of plastic in sight! That’s my kind of toy.  The later half of this day was spent in bed watching Pride and Prejudice as I’ve lately had the flu and was fading fast…so it actually ended pretty well too!

May Morning May Morning

A capsicum from our garden – did not get enough sun to bloom red.May Morning

This boy cuddles legs. He injects love and sunshine into our lives.May Morning

This little girl loves the industry of painting, the only problem – her paints do not last long.May Morning May Morning May Morning

The ‘burbs.May Morning May Morning

Mm, here’s a handiwork. I’ve been making planters with coconut shells, this one’s new and is an ‘upside down planter’. Very nifty. I’ll see how it goes. May MorningMay Morning May Morning May Morning May Morning May Morning May Morning


Painting the Bus – midway

So, I can’t quite say ‘phew’ with a brush to the past, as we are as yet only halfway.

These past few weeks we have been, shoulders first, forging into a fog of paint. Finally, though, the largest chunk is behind us, and with imperfections everywhere we have simply pressed on to three coats later.

Next to come ‘Deep Ocean’ strips across the top and bottom and our lovely, shiny chrome back on.

Bedford Bus old paint Bedford Bus Grey Masking Paint Bedford Bus Etch Primed

Above are all ‘before’ (or more accurately, prepping as this has been etch primed).

Following are ‘midway’ three coats of ‘Spanish Quarter Cream’ topcoat. White Bedford Bus White Bedford Without the plastic (shame) it is sharper, but still naked. I can’t wait to dress it up!

Henry Painting

This poor man has been absolutely hard at it and is pretty tuckered out and therefore he deserves his very own corner of our house to dedicate to his music. His ‘man corner’ in lieu of a ‘man cave’.

Man Corner