Kids without toys


As you know we moved into a small house to stay out the remainder of our time in this town building our bus.

We had very little furniture and decided to keep it pretty simple with our things in general so that we wouldn’t be tied down with too much cleaning (which we don’t have time for) or moving back out again, which will be fairly soon after the move-in. (There is nothing like a move to get you fed up with your own stuff!)

Our kids have had to suffer with just a few toys.

Here they are:

Young House006

Now, we’ve been living here for six weeks and I thought I would take note on what I have observed over this time. They have played with these toys all but a handful of times.

Most of the time they pull out pencils and paper, scissors and glue and get crafty on the floor (no craft table required). They do this for hours, sometimes, this is with no direction from me, usually I am cooking while they are doing this.

For a week we had an origami binge, the pieces were enjoyed and then eventually ended up in the recycling bin.

The dolls house Soph has played with just a few times.

Beads in a box have ended up on the floor a couple of times, but been cleaned up pretty well.

The stuffed toys are only really played with around bed time, and the whale was enjoyed by the dog next door. Kids only need one or two stuffed toys really…and if we’re being truthful, they don’t really need any!

The books we read every night. (Not all at once, of course!)

What do they play with then???

Gunther juices oranges during the day (that’s his latest thing).

At Grandma’s place there is a trampoline and a sandpit that they often play in.

When Sophia comes home they fight and when the fighting is over they use their imaginations! Today they dressed up in their blankets (yes, no dress up box here, a blanket or scarf will do the trick), Gunther became a ‘drumming beetle’ with my large market basket over his back. And they ‘went to the beach’, ‘swimming’ all around the house.

Truthfully, for this one major reason, I would recommend getting rid of the toys, imaginations come out to play and I have seen huge developments in this over these past six weeks.

The other major reasons I would recommend seriously decluttering on toys is:

– less to clean up, less cleaning up means more free time to play for mothers and children.

– More nature play.

– kids play better without things. Sometimes I find that kids are playing happily, but once a thing is introduced the bickering starts, play takes a turn for the worse. Even if there is equal distribution kids start up with ‘mine’s smaller than his!’ or ‘I want that one instead!’ Never fails. I’ve observed this first hand – often.

We decluttered by accident (as in, our lifestyle demanded it), but I don’t think we will go back to a cluttered existence. Clutter creates noise in a noisy world. If we all decluttered and stopped buying *crap* just think how many social and environmental problems would be fixed!


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