Keren & Child

Keren asked me to photograph her and her belly and I jumped at the chance. Keren is one of those utterly radiant pregnant women (unlike me!) who just looks absolutely fabulous and has a new level of femininity radiating from her.

With such a good-looking subject I could hardly go wrong and I took her to a patch of Canberra’s bushland which suited her perfectly, together we mosied around, picking Irish Strawberries and patting horses. It was very idyllic and is a lovely memory. I love these pictures now. I love the depiction of the pregnant woman as strong and dramatic, a part of nature, nurturing but powerful. Photos like these might suit you if you are bored of the traditional pregnancy photos going around, women in studios, draped in fabric, nude bellies…that’s just not me, I like to offer something a little bit different when it comes to pregnancy photography. Have a look!