We planted our garden. I had planted seeds out in pots on the verandah probably about a month ago, they’ve grown into a good size for transplanting now. Coriander, tomatoes, beans and cucumbers. I also direct planted the seeds of sunflower seeds, daisies, beans and radishes (a beautiful variety with a pink ‘heart’).

Radishes are a great starting vegetable to grow, they almost never fail and are quick to produce so the beginning gardener can get a bit of an encouraging pat on the back. They are also so easy and great to eat, either absolutely fresh straight from the ground-to the tap-to your mouth, or in a salad. There are lots of varieties too, if the usual pink skinned, white flesh variety is to zingy for you, hunt around for a more mellow one. The wonderful thing about vegetables is that there is variety within varieties and we, as their cultivators, should embrace this and enable this genetic diversity on our planet by selecting the interesting, unusual and different (which, think about it, are only ‘unusual’ because we have become unused to them, not their fault – ours).

Anyway, enough about that.

Here are our small beginnings:

Planting001 Planting002 Planting003 Planting004 Planting005 Planting006 Planting007

A tip for gardeners with children – allow space for a mud puddle – really. It doesn’t kill them, in fact makes them stronger and no one ever got dumber from playing in a bit of dirt. If the alternative is TV I’d rather my kids get a little bit dirty.Planting008

We had special friends down for the weekend and the kids couldn’t get enough of climbing up our bean trellis. I’ve given up trying to stop my children doing this. If there’s a way to go UP then they will find it, it develops good skills. As my husband says “I’d rather they learned how to hold on than learn not to do it.”


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