This past weekend we have indulged in good friendships.

I was made newly conscious of the great goodness in our lives that is our friends. I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world to be surrounded by such interesting and enjoyable people (and that’s not to say that you, out there, are less lucky, but I am just counting my blessings).

There are many actors in this play, all fulfilling their own unique roles and I am appreciating them each more fully as I get to know the characters behind the faces (admittedly, I take a while before I feel I really know someone).

These people and I have shared our lives, from college to group housing, going through the dating wars, getting married and now having babies all together. Some new faces enrich us, people who just slot, effortlessly, in, who we love with ease and the love goes around and around.

The children get added to this little crowd and we love each others children just as we love each other, learning more about their unique personalities as well.

Who knows what the guys do between ribbing eachother, hiking up mountains, playing in bands, savouring tobacco, making art, being computer geniuses, philosophising and all the other things that these amazing men get into. Us girls spend a lot of time encouraging eachother to be good women, grow gardens, cook great food, love our husbands (if we have them), love our children, pursue our dreams, input into our communities…they are all such good women with good hearts.

When this wheel of love is working well then no one need be needy for anything. We only need to think about loving others and the love comes back. Hopefully we can slot others, naturally, into this circle and keep on going.

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Zeb Gun Pty0008

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This living between parents/in-law has its perks. One being that I am freely able to go to Henry’s gigs, leaving the kids to snooze under my mums capable care! I’ve said to Henry that I find it much easier to support him being in a band if I can go and watch him and be a part of it – however small, and it’s true (selfish or not…), when I see him and ‘the boys’ up there playing those songs I’ve heard hundreds of times by now (and still not sick of them), loving what they are doing in that moment, lending their energy and enthusiasm to the people watching in that moment of time, I see very clearly why he loves it so much and then it is easy to keep on supporting his musicianship on this level.

I always love watching them and it’s even better when these girls come too…

BG Gig0001 BG Gig0002 BG Gig0003BG Gig0004 BG Gig0005 BG Gig0006 BG Gig0007 BG Gig0008


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