Bus Update

It’s been some time since I’ve shown a bus update. Yes, we are still plugging away at it.  The thing is that every day I look around and wonder, ‘What’s changed?’ obviously some things have changed, but it doesn’t translate that well into a photo.

We are out here every day doing something. For months it’s been all work and very little sense of progress.

The last few days though, that’s all changed.  It feels like, huzzah, it is actually coming together! We have a couple of frames (or partial frames up), we have our ceiling in and Henry has been sanding…actually sculpting…the three walls of our room into a perfectly smooth shell. It’s starting to look quite schmick and Henry’s vision is becoming a reality.

Bus Update Sept0001

This little space, above, is where our cupboard is going. Building the framing for this is soon to be done.

Bus Update Sept0002

Here’s the bed, we have actually taken the bed base off for the moment. It needed a slight adjustment and the work which we are currently doing is made way easier without this thing hanging around.

The pic above was taken a few weeks ago. Below are photos I took yesterday, and you can see that a couple of the walls are in and the entire roof here has been replaced.

Some framing below indicating where one of the bathroom walls will go. We are using 25mm aluminium held together by Qubelock and a whole stack of glue. Mostly Sika Flex as Henry likes to use the best of everything.

Bus Update Sept0003 Bus Update Sept0004

Oh yes, here’s my handy organiser. I got sick of our bus turning into a junk heap – it slows down the work flow considerably – and so I made an organiser which Henry laughed at, but it has been incredibly useful and worth the scrap of time I spent to literally whip this together. It is not pretty, it is functional.Bus Update Sept0005

The dust from all the sanding Henry has been doing over the last few days is insidious.

Bus Update Sept0006

Okay, so here’s a frame which I actually made, figured it all out and made it fit all by myself (Henry helped polish it up a bit). An example of Henry’s quest for quality is that, instead of allowing the wall to cut the window in half, he came on the idea of making a smaller window. Part of what he loves about this bus are all the lovely curves, and why not capitalise on them?!

Bus Update Sept0007Bus Update Sept0009

Bog. Bog is what is making this bus beautiful. In fact our bus is going to be all Bog, Glue, Aluminium and Alucobond. Not your everyday building materials.

Bus Update Sept0008

We are intent on not having a window sill here. At first we thought about the ‘framing’ (I am not a big fan of framing), but I love the way the light can just flow in without a window sill here. We found a way to make the sill without a window frame. It involves a multi-layer of ply, built up to the wall and a trimmer router to get that edge just perfect (keeping those wonderful curves) and then of course a bit of bog in any holes. And a few more sands and bogs. It looks so great in the flesh and I can’t wait to paint this room white and see it shine!Bus Update Sept0010

This square metre section (900×1600) is our entire bathroom! You didn’t think you could fit an entire bathroom into that space, did you? Well, Henry is a genius and he has done it. When that floor is completed in copper (yes) it will look…interesting.Bus Update Sept0011

So, that’s the tour so far. There’s not too much of interest to see so far, but hopefully we will keep the ball rolling and there’ll be a few more updates in the coming weeks.


Secret Spot

It could be cruel to do this, show you somewhere so beautiful and not disclose the location.

There is a reason though, and it is because so many beautiful and pristine spots have been ruined by tourism.  There are many places which encourage tourism, places which are set up for it and where the road leads right to the door.

This place is off the beaten track, actually it is over a rather undulating, rough-as-guts track and then quite a walk from the car kind of track. The kind of track that requires scrambling over boulders and hitching up ones skirts.

But the setting is tranquil and the air is clean and the sounds are bush sounds and that’s as it should remain.

I bet, if you went searching you could find places like this in your own back yard.  Some places should belong to the locals. Living locally means knowing your own place inside out.

This place is local to me now and here it is.

We needed this day, to break from the bus which is often a frustrating project, and to soak in the sun like lizards and to enjoy life together as a family. It was beautiful in many ways and we plan to go back.

Waterfall0001 Waterfall0002 Waterfall0003 Waterfall0004 Waterfall0005 Waterfall0006 Waterfall0007 Waterfall0008 Waterfall0009 Waterfall0010 Waterfall0011

Waterfall0025 Waterfall0012 Waterfall0013 Waterfall0014 Waterfall0015 Waterfall0016 Waterfall0017 Waterfall0018 Waterfall0019 Waterfall0020 Waterfall0021 Waterfall0022 Waterfall0023

And here’s a bonus shot of …the sky…  In our old ages we plan to become a bird-watcher and astronomer respectively, when we have bussed around Australia we will sail around the world and Henry will have the night shift so that he can watch the stars and I will have the day shift so that I can watch the birds…if there are any.

Hm, anyway.Waterfall0026


I made Pulla.

Sadly, I never make Pulla.  Being gluten intolerant has its drawbacks and I do miss baking…though, on the bright side it keeps the waistline trim!

Well, I made some and I broke my increasingly strict gluten-free diet to eat some.

Pulla absolutely must be eaten fresh-baked with coffee in order to get the full pulla experience. After that it is still tasty, just not as.

Pulla Korvapuusti0001


250ml milk

75g sugar

Warm this until the sugar has dissolved.

Add in:

1 egg

And whisk! Set aside.

In a large bowl place:

1 tsp ground cardamom

1/2 tsp salt

450g plain flour

3 tsp dry yeast

Gradually add the wet ingredients and knead lightly with your hands. (Some people like to knead and knead and knead, but I don’t like to do this too much, I feel as though the dough can get ‘tough’ if this is done too much so I like to knead lightly for just a few minutes, until slightly stretchy.)

Add in:

100g melted butter (This helps to keep it moist. Pulla can dry out a bit I find.) Knead this in until it has disappeared into the dough.

Leave it to rise for about an hour in a floured bowl with a wet cloth over the top.


Now. Punch the air out. Knead a little til it forms a ball. Break it in half.

Roll each ball into a thin rectangle.

Spread with:


Sprinkle on a light coating of:



Then roll the rectangle up, lengthways, as if you were making a scroll cake.

Cut the roll into about 5cm pieces and place, upright into a pan, with a little room between each piece to grow!

Leave to rise, covered, for another hour.

Make an eggwash out of:

1 egg

2 Tbs milk

Whisked together.

Brush this over the top of the Pulla just before baking.

Place into a 180C oven for about 25mins or until lightly browned.

Eat warm!

Pulla Korvapuusti0002

It really is delicious! One of my very favourite things which I miss eating all of the time!