The Old Schoolhouse Cafe

Off the Olympic Highway into Young there dwells The Old Schoolhouse Cafe which runs from the grounds of…Young’s old school house.

It is a very cute building. I think the toilets are in the old stables, it has that kind of vibe to it. To get there you turn off the highway where a blackboard sign points you in.  It is not in any kind of shopping district and I would not have known about it if my Sister-In-Law did not take me here. A bit off the beaten track.

To enter the building you walk up a few steps into the courtyard which, while fairly barren in Winter, I am told lights up in the Spring – and I can believe it.  The warm brickwork wraps you up in coziness and the children’s chalk drawings on the courtyard pavement only enhance the familiarity of the place. I like a place where you do not have to tip toe around – although inside it is another matter. Even though they invite the likes of children’s parties and have a room set aside for it there are fragile objects all around.  This too is nice, however and I spent a bit of time while drinking my tea distracted by the red, yellow and floral tea sets.

It was only a bit disappointing that they had nothing to serve a gluten-freebee like myself.  I was assured the Semolina, Orange and Almond cake would be okay, a clear indication that the wait staff knew nothing about being wheat/gluten free.  Tea would have to do.

Though the rooms were nice and the staff were very friendly my favourite part of this cafe was the grounds on which it sat. The old school desks for sale lent an air of antiquity to the place and chalk and a blackboard invited children, and adults – why not, to play and get comfy in the surroundings. There was little preciousness here.  Generally buildings which have stood for several decades can handle a bit of frolicking and I for one really appreciate being allowed to interact with my surroundings.

2013 7 17 Old School House Cafe0001 2013 7 17 Old School House Cafe0002 2013 7 17 Old School House Cafe0003 2013 7 17 Old School House Cafe0004 2013 7 17 Old School House Cafe0005 2013 7 17 Old School House Cafe0006 2013 7 17 Old School House Cafe0007


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