No Impact Man

I just watched the No Impact Man documentary on ABC iView (if you’re in Australia I recommend you watch it now!).His year long experiment is actually something I would really love to try and I want to live as close to that no/low impact lifestyle as I can my whole life.

I am inspired and encouraged that others are trying to live like this. Normal, 21st Century people, not just ‘crazy hippies’.

Even though traveling around on a bus doesn’t seem like a step toward low impact living, in many ways it is.

We will be living off of solar energy, be hopefully composting all of our waste and potentially using bio diesel and we are driving in the direction of our own bit of earth to start growing things in!

I would like to get our waste down too and perhaps by frequenting farmers markets as we go around we will be able to do that. With a fully functioning kitchen there should be no reason we couldn’t do that just as well as settled folk.


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