This was a bit of a different New Years for me.  Firstly, of course, with pretty little kids there was nil to little chance of going out.  Mentally though, I like to reflect a little every New Year and I often do.  My usual practice is to write the New Year in.  Not this year though.  This year I merely felt full of all the little projects I have ongoing and also waiting in the wings to get done.  So more than anything it was a year of planning or at least anticipating and I couldn’t think of a resolution that was anything other than what I am currently doing.

I’m happy with my fitness, I’m strong and can work hard. I go for a jog on a semi regular basis and I am happy with that as rather than a fitness blitz I want a lifestyle I can sustain over a long period of time, and this I am doing.  In these hot summer months running seems to go out the window a bit, or just lie down on the floor, scared to break a sweat, so I’m not in a fret about it.  However a big goal of mine is to go on an overnight bushwalk with my husband.  We will probably go in March when it cools down so I need to be working up to this!

My major thing is being the best mum I can be, but as my children are fluid and always growing, so the way I parent constantly changes, so it’s a hard one to pinpoint as to how I am supposed to change, as really…I never know.  I am so aware though that I need to challenge my little girl’s brain as she is speeding ahead and I often (mistakenly) underestimate her abilities.  We do things though like spelling, sewing, cooking, cleaning, sports, play games, gardening and all the good things.  Patience is a big area I can work on, and I am.

In other areas I am totally full of interests. Too full.  I write. Play piano. Learn French. Felt. Do Henna. Attempt to draw. I have so many small business and personal ideas locked up in my head.  Things I simply don’t know how to go about acheiving.  Things that I think are important and will be my contribution to the improvement of this planet.  Some business ideas are simply drawn from my desires (i.e. Own a Venue and Cafe!!) and so perhaps are more selfish – or perhaps self-fulfilling is a better term – but that’s alright so long as it’s constructive.  I have to remember that I have a life ahead of me (I plan on living to a healthy 105 or more year old) with time to do all these things.  I would like to be like a certain Margaret Olley, and though perhaps not a painter, I will be productive up to the end. I suppose at this present time the thing most stopping me is a lack of capital. That must be the first thing to address.

I am also totally keen to support my husband in his endeavours, particularly in his music and particularly with his band, The Burley Griffin, I believe in their music. They are a good band with good songs. Songs you can dance to and think along with. Songs with a soul. So that is something I also need to factor in.  He is also a very talented and sought after Sound Engineer. I am so proud of his strong work ethic and his perfectionist tendencies in his work (they are a pain when they spill out into our personal life, but we cope – with jocularity) It makes him good at what he does.

I have been thinking a lot about our efforts in this physical world.  In particular our apparent lack of care of it.  We live in a throwaway society and have almost developed a throwaway attitude to our planet.  My dad made a point to me recently about the fact that old cultures care much more about the health of their environment then new(er) settlers as they are there for good.  We however (Australians, Americans) do not have ancient and permanent ties to our landscape. It must take many centuries to develop this mindset.  Britain seems to do better with a ‘Right to Roam’, edible hedgerows and seemingly a more long-term view of their management of their little isle.  We Aussies would do well to deeply care about Australia not as something we can make the use of and plunder but as a long-term (the longest term) investment.

I have come to see that we are inextricably linked to this world and  are as much a physical part of it as any animal or plant, our role is as carers, guardians, protectors of our planet and so we must invest into it, not merely take from it like selfish children.  What we do in this world matters.  It matters to the planet, it matters to future generations.  We must use our brains and make ethical decision when it comes to our consumption of natural resources, unnecessary travel, over population (a problem that will not go away and will escalate if anything, escalate until, as in China, the government must have a say. I don’t know about you but I would rather play a part now than have outside forces dictate to my children or my childrens-children about the number of offspring they can produce. We must at least think about it and make the decision that we feel is best.), in fact everything we do must be thought about with foresight as to its effects long down the track. I do believe we will be held accountable for it.

So, when thinking of what I will be pursuing this New Years that is what I think about.

Joni Mitchell stated that her passion for the environment was developed simply through seeing what was happening and envisioning the natural consequences of such developments. ‘Pave paradise, put up a parking lot’. And it’s true we won’t ‘know what we’ve got til it’s gone.’ I’d hate to get to that point.

(I really did not mean for this to reach such a lengthy read, so if you’ve read this far I congratulate you! I don’t know if I would’ve stuck it out!!)

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