A Political Mum

Having always been interested in politics, I do not take my husbands view that all politicians are snakes.  Instead I feel most people go into politics with a real desire to ‘make things better’, the problem is ‘better’ is totally subjective.

I’ve given this interest a rest for a while, having grown up surrounded by very conservative, right-wing opinions.  I took a while to gather my own perspective into a cohesive web.

Recently this interest has been growing, however presently I am struggling with a dramatically altered political landscape to the ones of the 60s and 70s where mass rallys ruled.  These days differences of opinion are displayed through the web.  There are a few web based tools that I know of which seem to be doing good things.  Avaaz, The Terramar Project, GetUp! are those very few I know of.  Unfortunately, though these organisations put a lot of emphasis on democracy and power to the people, one wonders if it is true, as ultimately, it is a handful of people choosing the issues to put before public poll.  Sceptically I also wonder if they will just go the way of most media moguls and be driven by money or even to allow personal opinion to influence what is reported on.

Avaaz has been encouraging me of late.  A growing idea has been filling my mind to have an entirely open news vehicle, owned by ‘The People’ (whoever they are!), not politically or otherwise affiliated with large companies or other entities who somehow sway what is reported on to general populations.  Avaaz have come up with just such an idea, probably much more sophisticated than what I was musing over, and on a global scale, no less.

I hope Avaaz can maintain its integrity over the years.

As a mum I wonder what the world will look like decades down the track.  It was being a mum that ignited a real spark in my heart for issues that affect a multitude of people, not just issues affecting me right now.

I have become something of an Environmentalist/Conservationist, am becoming more politically aware, and care very much about Community, for my childrens sake, not my own.  My husband and I are both frustrated with living in a developed society where the laws and structure limits our freedom, especially in our ability to own land and build our own house, it is near impossible without getting into the whole mortgage game and being stuck there for 30 years.  To me that is not freedom.  Where people are policed for not wearing a seatbelt, I mean really! I know it is a safety concern, but can not people be trusted to ensure their own safety.  When laws limit your own decision making for your own self, it certainly does not feel like we are living in a free society. When laws issue forth from who knows where and are backed by God knows what – a huge, sprawling system, living life seems less of an adventure and more like a chore.

In many ways I would rather live tribally, so at least I can talk face-to-face with the person issuing orders.

I truly hope that over the years my thoughts can assimilate and grow stronger and more refined, and therefore more powerful in their direction and action.

I hope that people do not get tired of the struggle against large corporations which, in their greed, engulf small industry and small business.  People should always have the option of getting to the top of their game (i.e. being a small business owner, not just a captive cog stuck in a large machine, which I feel is degrading, and does not coexist with what it means to be a human.  We must all feel liberated to explore our own lives, embark on adventures, struggle with our own selves to become all we can be.  To me that is the essence of a political outlook: Liberty. Personal Liberty.

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